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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #620

Hello Tony,

> What I am looking into now is an "irrigation dosing pump". This 			> device is meant to inject, according to volume passing through the 		> device, any chemical you wish from fertilizer to
> a dechlorinator.  Being meant for irrigation and mass produced, this > is not all that expensive. I am thinking of putting this device on 		> the incoming water followed by a section of say 8 to 12 inch thick 		> PVC pipe to use as a mixing chamber. Reduce the pvc back to the size > I want to use and stand up this "tower" so the water with chemical 		> added enters the bottom and fills to the top where the size reduces > again and gets used normally. What does anybody think of this?

Am I visualizing your proposed setup correctly? -- Water come in in a,
say, 1" pipe, at the end of which a solution is added. Then it joins a
12" pipe -- mixing chamber -- and then goes back to 1" pipe. Is that

I seriously doubt that you will get good mixing, because chances are
that there will be laminar flow in the 12" pipe. To prevent that, just
add some baffles in the 12", or some *large* "bioballs" or "saddles" to
interrupt the laminar flow and mix the water.

Aside from that, it seems like a practical labor-saving device.