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Re: [apd] chlorine

In a message dated 98-11-03 03:58:42 EST, you write:

> Someone over the weekend posted that he felt some of the dissolved chlorine 
> in
>  the tap water would react with the organic chemicals in a live aquarium to
>  form carcinogens.  However, every medical journal and environmentalist
>  newsletter I have read that discusses chlorinated organic compunds states 
> that
>  there are NO naturally occuring chlorinated organics.  They are all
>  manufactured.  You might get some interaction causing the formation of
>  CaCl, or some other salt.  But the measurable volume of the chlorine will
>  reduce to its simplest stable form, which is the diatomic chlorine gas
>  molecule.

Chlorine gas does not occur in nature.

Adding Cl2 to water that contains suspended or disolved organic matter
produces chlorinated organic compounds.  Just ask any water treatment plant
about "trihalomethanes".