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Okay, this is my first post. My name is Tony Minneboo and am the owner of
Angels West. An angelfish hatchery in the SF Bay Area.
I am currently moving into a 5700 gallon facility and have been looking into
doing the water treatment a bit easier too. What I am looking into now is an
"irrigation dosing pump". This device is meant to inject, according to
volume passing through the device, any chemical you wish from fertilizer to
a dechlorinator.  Being meant for irrigation and mass produced, this is not
all that expensive. I am thinking of putting this device on the incoming
water followed by a section of say 8 to 12 inch thick PVC pipe to use as a
mixing chamber. Reduce the pvc back to the size I want to use and stand up
this "tower" so the water with chemical added enters the bottom and fills to
the top where the size reduces again and gets used normally.
What does anybody think of this?
Tony Minneboo
mailto:fishingt at angelswest_com
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