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Re: eating thread algae

Ed writes:

> What it is somewhat long, about 3-4" and mostly on my crispus and java
>  moss.  It has yet to get on the laceleaf or crypts.  wouldn't call it a
>  'minor' cause of it because if I pull it off then it will grow back
>  elsewhere and I don't want to use bleach.  I have worked long, hard and
>  with lots of reading, studying and research to get a natural looking
>  aquarium.  tho I am not saying using bleach is bad just not for me :)
>  I did find a petshop that cary's sae's for mail order and they recomened
>  using black molly's.  I recently put 6 baby's in the tank and this am I
>  seen them picking at the thread algae, dunno how much they will consume
>  nor if I have to many / not enough
I use otocinclus (sp?)cats for this stuff and they feast it down.  My LFS
always has them in stock, and I am surprised at how non-aggressive they have
proven to be.

Bob Dixon