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amazonia in dc

In a message dated 11/1/1998 3:58:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, referring to
the amazonia exhibit at the dc zoo, alysoun writes:

> I don't get it.  I assume the above-ground rainforest includes almost
>  all, if not entirely, Amazonian plants.  The wildlife seemed to be
>  exclusively Amazonian.  Why not representative aquatic plant life?  I
>  mean, that's the point, right?

alysoun, if i remember correctly from my visit there, and from visiting the ny
aquarium, curators are lazy people when it comes to plants.  they will grow
whatever is easier to them.  i have even seen plastic plants in zoo exhibits.
at the ny aquarium, the only plants seem to be java moss, pothos (not even a
true aquatic) and lots of water sprite.  

i have always bemoaned the fact that there are not bigger and better amazon
exhibits. after all, the region holds a huge percentage of the world's
freshwater species.

btw, when in nyc, remember to visit the brooklyn botanic garden that has a
decent aquatic plant collection.  also the ny botanical garden in the bronx,
but this one doesn't have any fish.

tsuh yang chen, nyc