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Re: Cl

I bought one of these last week to try mixing the dechlorinator in.  The
downside of them seems to be that they rely on a certain pressure
front-loaded in the hose, or else they won't work.  I got very bad results
(like not mixing at all) when running it at the low flow rates I like to
use to refill my tanks.  I would be interested in hearing from someone
who's done this succesfully.

  - Erik

On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, Cliff Lundberg wrote:

> I used to see devices you'd attach to a garden hose between the
> nozzle and the hose, that you'd screw a jar into, and you'd put
> liquid fertilizer in the jar, and it would get mixed into the
> water a little at a time. Could this work with a dechlorinating
> solution to any advantage? Is it necessary to dechlorinate 
> before adding the water or can it be done in the tank when 
> changing water? Obviously I'm interested in avoiding the labor
> of dealing with buckets.