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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #618

At 03:48 AM 11/2/98 -0500, Bob Dixon opines:
>I keep hearing about chloramine, how dangerous it is, and how hard it is to
>Over time the chloramine breaks down to free ammonia and free chlorine. This
>seems from my experience to be fairly quick.  IMHO, those with commercial
>interests in overcharging for photographer's "hypo" solution continue a
>campaign of disinformation to convince newbies that they have to cough up
>three bucks a bottle to protect their fish from a painful death

The primary reason for the switch to chloramine is that it is much more
stable than Cl2.  Figure on 4-8 weeks for it to dissipate.   And it is a
double threat to fish, not only is the chlorine toxic but the ammonia is
too, and both in very low doses.  So you can take your chances with what
your water company is delivering this week, or you can "waste" $3.   My
fish are worth a lot more than $3, but if yours aren't you may want to risk