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black substrate

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> im not fooling anyone, my tank is a 20g, with coarse sand on the 
>and fine on the last layer,im TRYING to keep common plants such as 
>amazon swords, elodeas,vallisnerias,and water sprite, i setted up this 
>tank in may 98', the first couple of months the plants grew nicely and 
>ever green, but since like four months to the present, the substrate 
>turned black in the bottom, and my old plants started to turn yellowish 
>and melted,and eventually die, even the new ones, live for a couple of 
>weeks, but always decaying, i do 20% water change weekly, use kent 
>suplement, and use to use lilipons tabs, also, from now and then use 
>florasan and a cheap vitamins for the fish, i feed my fish only once a 
>day, and very little, i have a fluval 103, and had tried several times 
>the yeast method CO2, but once  the filter inject the sugar-yeast 
>methond on the tank, so i quited; i heard it was wrong using sand as a 
>substrate , and told me to use silica sand instead, im trying to 
>information before take the work to empty the tank and change the 
>substrate, ohh, my lighting is 2 15w flourecent bulbs, and 2 25W 
>incandecent bulbs, hope you help me soon..
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