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Re: Chlorine/Chloramine

> Long experience shows that you can do 25% water changes with chlorinated
> water without killing fish.  I don't know if this experience extends to
> other tank inhabitants.
> Roger Miller
> You should take Bob's 25% number with a grain of salt.  It might work in
> his tank(s), but it may not work in yours. It certainly doesn't in mine.
> I can only get away with 15-20% straight-tapwater change before I start
> losing cardinal tetras.
> Carlos E. Munoz
> <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>

Then there's the opposite extreme... I typically do 10-20% in my planted
tank, but I've done up to 50%.  My husband does 50% regularly in some of
his tanks.  Straight tap water, via a python, combined with a liberal
dose of Genesis (which I've even forgotten on occasion, without visible
harm to any of the inhabitants, including cardinal tetras and
apisto/dither fry).

I guess the bottom line is, YMMV.  

Alysoun McLaughlin