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Comments on carbonates in gravel

At 01:18 PM 10/31/98 -0800, a digest reader wrote:
>>i must have missed something.  what's the difference with the carbonate
>>bearing gravel?  what is the harm of carbonate gravel?

Karen replied:
>It will increase the hardness of your water.

Dave asked:
>What confuses me is if your water is already very soft, wouldn't a little
>shell in the gravel be a GOOD thing?   Doesn't the desirability of shell
>depend on what's in your tap?

Karen explained:
Much of the country (if not most) has water that is already TOO hard.  I'd
rather deal with too soft water as a separate issue than setting up the
substrate.  You can always add hardness, it's impossible to solve the
problem if you've got too much calcium carbonate containing material within
the tank.