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Re: Yamatos eat black brush algae!!

>  Well if this was BBA I doubt they would eat much of it. In my little 10
> gallon tank I still have some BBA growing on a nana and the ebi still will
> not touch. I have also had ebi in other tank not touch this stuff. I have
> talk to shop owners at three different store here in Japan and they all say
> the same thing, "Ebi will not eat BBA.". Maybe you have another type of
> algae growing. How much of this algae did they eat?

It's blackish grey and a bit silvery algae. It looks like up-side down shaving
brush. Isn't it BBA?It's my first experience of seeing BBA eating ebi.
Unfortunately, It's not my tank but local petshot owner's, so I don't know how
much they eat. Supposedly, it won't be much amount.(I think SAEs are more powerful
concerning algae-removing, but Yamato is more powerful in the view of preventing.)

Anyway recently the tank owner he newly set up that tank, but he didn't remove
that BBA on the back wall. The only type of algae the tank has is BBA.

One day, a local petshop master tested Korean-softwater-shrimp imitating yamato,
but he failed. he said Korean-shrimp hurts small fishs like neon-tetra... That's
too bad.....

----- Hong Sungmin from S.Korea -----