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hornwort's allelopathic behavior

i have an outdoor tank placed under shade.  i have several algae eaters and
snails in my tank.  the tank is full of plants (duckweed, water hyacinth,
anacharis).  my problem is... the tank is full of suspended algae... so, the
tank is basically full of green water.  it is so clouded that i couldn't even
see the fishes inside.  do you guys have any suggestions for ways to clear up
my tank? here to give you guys more informations... the tank is full of
platies and black mollies.

also, i don't know if you guys have heard about it before... but i heard that
hornwort has a certain allelopathic behavior that is toxic to algae.  is that
true?  if they have behaviors like that, wouldn't they be very effective on
controlling algae growth?

please help me out