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Re: Protein Skimmers

Kelly writes:

> I am curious about protein skimmers that are used in the marine-end of the
>  hobby.  I understand that they collect dissolved waste in the water before
>  bacteria get a chance to break it all down to nitrates.  Why aren't these
>  used in the freshwater hobby more?  I'd like to try one on my 75 gallon,
>  if it causes significant CO2 loss, well then...

Salt water causes the bubbles to be much smaller.  This increases the surface
area of the air as it passes through the chamber.  Some experimentation has
been done with inducing the air into a pressure chamber, and allowing it to
expand as it passes through a venturi, creating the necessary foam.

I have seen streams rich with life create pockets of foam in the crux of a
whirlpool at the end of a ripple section.  The principal of adsorption can
work, but the efficiency must be increased, and the pressure chamber looks
currently like the best bet.

Good luck. 

Bob Dixon