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Re: Protein Skimmers

Protein skimmers are used extensively in the marine hobby because _in salt
water_, they are extremely effective in removing proteins from the water, as
you said, BEFORE they enter their constituent nitrogen enters the nitrogen
cycle.  The problem is that in fresh water, proteins do not adhere to the
gas/water interface very well.  The softer the water, the less effective
skimming would be.

OTOH, in a well planted, well trimmed tank, the nitrogen is being utilized
by the plants prior to entering the bacteria driven nitrogen cycle anyway,
so no problem, dude.  Also, I remember from my reef tank days, skimming
removed ALOT of other trace elements as well, which had to be constantly

All in all, skimmers don't work well in our soft water and, even if they
did, we probably wouldn't need or want them.