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Second Plant Tank

I'm starting my second plant tank, the first one was a 55g fish tank converted, mainly what I do in this tank was increasing the light and use DIY CO2 injection, and the results are very good.

In the second tank I want to go a little further I use peat for the first 1/4 of the substrate, on top I spread 5 tablespoons of earthworm castings and 5 teaspoons of a 12-12-12 plant fertilizer all covered with LFS gravel. Here in Peru we don't have any of the specialized fertilizer or laterite for aquarium use. The size of the tank is 24x12x12 in. (14g) and will be using one 20w daylight and one 20w grolux florescent this gives aprox 2.85 w per gallon, also DIY CO2. I'm thinking to plant mainly ludwigia, sagittaria, acorus gramineus, cardamine lyrata, heteranthere zoserifolia and others.  I will like to hear some comments about this setup specially the substrate.

The 12-12-12 fertilizer comes in 1-3mm pellets, I was wondering if I could insert it in the gravel of the first aquarium around the plants.