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Substrate recipes

Hello all, I will try this again on the advice of some of you,
        I regularly see various arguments about soil composition,
mineral content and such but have yet to see a definitive "recipe" using
these items that have worked successfully.  Is there a summary or web
page that has listed specific of substrate preparation?  Does any one
have any recommendations for what DID or did NOT work for them.  
	I am working on a tank for my office at work and would really like to
try some "newer" methods for it.  I am particularily interested in the
substrate part, but would like to see more detail before running out and
buying a 100#'s of pottery clay. :)   
        It would be nice to see a summary of all these different topics
posted in a complete FAQ or something of a similar nature so that
someone could easily view successes and disasters on a variety of