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The Optimum Aquarium Saga

Recently I posted a note that I had unsuccessfully tried to locate a
copy of "The Optimum Aquarium".  For everyone who is sick of hearing
about it, I apologize.  This is the last post so please bear with me
this final time.

After corresponding with Steve and Peter, who were super helpful,
thanks guys,  it has come to my attention that
a) Dupla has changed their mind about reprinting the book in the last  6
months, although they won't commit to when.  Peter was told no 6 months
ago, I was told yes at the end of September and,
b)there are alot of other people trying to locate it as well.  I'm not
sure what prompted Dupla to change their mind, but perhaps if they were
aware that there were alot of people trying to locate (also known as
purchase, enter the sound of a cash register ringing) maybe that would
help or at least guarantee it will be reprinted?

Anyway, here is my great idea.  If you are one of the folks who are
looking for it, perhaps you might want to send the Dupla folks an email
inquiring about the book.  Maybe it will help, maybe it won't but it is
worth a shot.  The address is Dupla at aol_com.

Thanks for your patience.

(in Atlanta, Georgia where it is hot yet again!)