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new plant tank questionsssss

Hi all,
I am still in the process of setting up my first planted tank.
I have these questions that re still unknown to me. 

Firstly - what is the correct turnover rate for a filter, my canister
filter is 1000lph for a 250 litre tank
This is 4 times per hour is it to powerful, i have drilled many wholes in
the spray bar to minismise turrbulence.

I am not even going to talk about heating coils, they are way out of my
reach (i am 16 and they are no even available here in west australia) My
question is duplarit laterite anygood without them i have been lead to
believe that the two work hand in hand. If no good what else should i use?

What is the correct substance to seal rocks and driftwood (i am unsure if
mine are safe)

Also i am planning on using 4 x 4foot fluro tubes,
I am going to use phillips aquarelle 6500k They seem to be the best and
they are 1/7 the price of tritons and the alike.

I am planning on using yeast co2 which i will either disolve in an upside
down cup (a bell?) or concet the cup to the return from the canister so the
c02 mixes with the water well, I have heard that the co2 prouced is impure
and will leave a scum on the water surface  is this true? what are the
effects, reduced light? fish damage what?

Please help me as i want to make this my best aquarium yet (its my 4th)

Thanks to all in advance, looking forward to your answers,

Daniel Green

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au