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Seachem Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer

I have to ask this question, since we have one or two chemists on the list
and they may know.  I mix up my water change water in 5 gal jugs.  I fill up
a clean trash can with enough water from my RO unit outside, fill up a
couple of jugs with the water, and add enough Recon 50 to get 4 dGH, and 1
tsp of Alkaline Buffer and 1/2 tsp of Acid Buffer.  This ratio is supposed
to give you a pH of 7.0, but anyway, it gives you 6 dKH.

So, I wanted to lower my KH to 4, so that I could have a pH of 6.8, which is
better for the Angels and tetras.  I was playing around with a jug of water,
and decided to lower the amount of each Buffer, but keep the ratio the same,
to see the outcome.  I added 1/4 tsp Acid Buffer, 1/2 tsp Alk Buffer.  I got
5 dKH.  Slightly irritated, I added another 1/4 tsp of Acid Buffer to the
jug and measured again after a period of swirling the mixture around.  I got
3 dKH.  It dawned on me then; "Why am I using Acid Buffer in the first
place?  I should only add enough Alkaline Buffer to get 4 dKH, then only use
Acid Buffer in case I go too high".

I thought that adding Acid Buffer would somehow increase KH and keep pH
low.  This is how much I understand about what I'm doing.  :-(

The problem with Seachem's products is that they rarely state any
ingredients, so you don't know what you're adding.  I only know from the
labels is that I'm not adding any phosphates by using these products, and
that they are intended for the planted tank (but I don't know why).  I want
the water I'm adding to the tank to be stable, and not missing anything that
the fish need to be healthy.  If I omit Acid buffer, will I be doing
something negative?

Maybe I'm stressing too much...

Here is an experiment I'm going to run tonight.  Take a 5 gal jug, add
enough Recon 50 to get 4 dGH.  Then measure KH to see how much KH Recon 50
adds.  Then, adjust with Acid buffer or Alkaline Buffer from there.  My
hypothesis is that 1/8 tsp per 5 gal will increase/decrease 1 dKH.

If anyone is interested in the results, I'll post it.

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
I/T, IBM Global Services