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Re: Light Confusion!!

Matt wrote;

>I'm trying to build my own light fixture for my 55 gal, 
>After talking with Carlos Munoz I decided t-8 bulbs would
>work well. The problem is that I want to mix the types of 
>bulbs up a little. I would like to have two actinic bulbs 
>and two daylight bulbs. I have found a source for T-8 
>actinic bulbs but none for the daylight. does anyone know
>where to find them.

Check with a lighting supply store/distributor.  I live in a small
town and was able to find two such stores not too far away.  The
Sylvania lamps you are looking for are FO32/750 or the FO32/850 which
will give a little more light.  These are 5000K lamps.  If you are
interested in 6500K lamps the numbers are FO32/765 and FO32/865.

Don't make the mistake of thinking these stores are going to be more
expensive than the large home supply stores.  Once you get beyond the
basic shop lights you are probably better off looking at the lighting
supply store.  I found an electronic ballast to run 4  T-8''s(32W) for
$24 in one of these stores. The best I found in the home supply stores
was $38 for a ballast that ran two lamps. 

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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