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Re: Jave Fern: Planted or Not

This is my first post to the list, though I've been lurking for quite a while.
I still don't know nearly as much as a lot of you all, but I did want to
comment on the Jave Fern being planted thing. 

I got 2 big bunches of Java Fern through mail order and attache dmost of it to
rockes & drfitwood.  Since there was a lot left over, I just stuck it in the
gravel of my 2 tanks: 1 30 gallon with 2 watts/g and a 15 gallon with about 1
watt/gallon but some natural sunlight (though no algae problems, cool huh?).
They are doing fine.  It has been about 3 months and while growth is not
spectacular, it is noticeable.  In fact, some of the planted ferns are doing
better than those attached to rocks etc.  

I have a verifiable 'low-tech' setup: DIY CO2, store bought fixtures,
Aquaclear filters, plain old LFS gravel substrate, lots of fish relative to
the plant load.  I am not going to provide any hypotheses like a lot of posts
do, just wanted to share my observations/ experience.  Comments welcome

Jeff LaBonte