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Re: Dissolved O2 Saturation Levels in F/W

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, James Purchase wrote:

> I'd appreciate it if someone could could point me in the right direction
> here - who is right?

I'm having a hard time imagining why you need to sort out the small
differences between these sources.  For most purposes its sufficient to
say that it's about 8.

Oxygen saturation is dependent on temperature, salinity and the partial
pressure of oxygen in equilibrium with the water.  It's possible that
slightly different assumptions about the partial pressure of O2 is
at least partly responsible for the small differences in the values you

Incidentally, O2 isn't a real tough analysis and you can get test kits for
it, but it can be *real* tough to get and keep a good sample.  Since O2 is
a gas, it moves in and out of your sample rather easily and by the time
you get the results from an analysis, the sample probably won't have quite
the same O2 concentration that it did when you took the sample.

Roger Miller