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Re: glass over tank when using hood? (A treatise on HO T8 shoplights & dirty glass tops)

> Date: Mon, 26 Oct 98 16:56:26 EST
> From: rjw at aluxs_micro.lucent.com (Ronald Wozniak)
> Subject: Re: glass over tank when using hood? (A treatise on HO T8
shoplights & dirty glass tops)
> >Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 13:49:11 -0700 (PDT)
> >From: jay dike <jjdike at yahoo_com>
> >Subject: glass over tank when using hood?
> >
> >Is it common practice to keep a glass covering on a tank even when a
> >hood is used?  It seems worthwhile to keep it in some ways since it
> >might help prevent CO2 loss and fish loss.  However, it seems like
> >unless it is kept quite clean it could cut down on light intensity.
> >
> >Also, is there a good estimate of how much intensity is gained by
> >using a reflector around regular T-12 fluorescents?  What is the
> >better type - the white metal ones that come with shoplights or
> >something like the Triton Britelight, which looks like it has a
> >mirror-like finish?
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Jay Dike
> Jay, Here is my attempt to answer your questions:
> When using shoplights over an aquarium, it is common practice to use
a glass covering.
> The glass protects the shoplight from metal corroding condensation.
For "high-end"

Thanks a lot for your answer Ron!  I think you more than covered my
questions and the measurements really help to quantify things to sort
out what is worth doing and what isn't.

At the time of the post I had a 50 gal tank with a homemade hood.  I
ended up taking two $8 shop lights apart and screwing the bulb
holders/end caps directly to the inside of the hood.  I don't
currently have waterproof endcaps.  For awhile I didn't have any
reflectors either.  I have a new hood almost ready and based on your
post I will definitely put some reflectors in.  I might try something
like Coralife's Aqua Mirror (pet warehouse) with 4 T-8 bulbs.

My 3 year son last week gave me the opportunity to set up a new tank
by throwing something that broke the front glass of my "old" (3 mo)
aquarium.  Once we have our carpet replaced I have another 50 gal
ready to replace it.  I have the chance to apply a lot of the stuff
I've learned the last few months from this list.  

Jay Dike
Livermore, CA

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