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Re: Light Confusion

>I'm trying to build my own light fixture for my 55 gal, After talking with
>Carlos Munoz I decided t-8 bulbs would work well.  The problem is that I
>want to mix the types of bulbs up a little. I would like to have two
>actinic bulbs and two daylight bulbs. I have found a source for T-8 actinic
>bulbs but none for the daylight. does anyone know where to find them.

Check with an electrical supply or commercial lighting store and ask for
"Chroma 50" lamps.  If you can't find that ask for an "SPX50", which is close.
These are General Electric names.  I'm sure Philips and Sylvania/Osram have
the same thing with different names, so the store should be able to cross
reference them.

Best regards,