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RED red algae

>While gazing at detached bits of BBA as they drifted across
>the front of my 30 gallon, I noticed a piece that stood out
>dramatically from the rest. It was coloured a bright red,
>instead of the usual gray-green or blackish green. The colour
>was pretty close to that of rotala macrandra under high
>light. Maybe it was lacking a pigment or two. Has anyone
>seen something similar?

Yes, actually I have a photo of an amazing stand of RED red algae growing
on a Bolbitis leaf in a discus tank.  Like you, the owner was intrigued
with it, and kept it for quite a while.  Eventually he got nervous about it
and removed it, but it never spread from that one plant. (which happened
not to be doing well to start with... I suspect it was leaching phosphate
from the leaves)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association