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Re: Daphnia


> Our microbiology dept. uses them in cronic pass/fail testing for 
> industrial effluents. Ours are ordered from the EPA. They are 
> extremely difficult to keep, even under laboratory conditions. They 
> also have a short (< 30 days) lifespan and eat only certain strains 
> of algae. Sorry, don't know of any feasible sources.

"If one follows governmental regulations, one gets governmental
results!"  :-))

Daphnia are *easy* to culture. Just read the way different people
culture them (several URL's posted in this digest) and you be fine! Be
prepared to make newbe mistakes -- that is the price of instruction. 

I feed my Daphnia yeast almost exclusively (least bother). One strain I
have survives in my fishroom for almost 20 years and is going strong!
Some Daphnia just do not do well in my hands, but right now four
different Cladocerans are doing just fine.

Don't be afraid -- try it out -- again and again, if necessary -- It can
be done.



> I have been looking for daphnia a.k.a. water fleas for a while now.
> My question is does anyone harvest these and/or know of sources in 
> the US?