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Re: Mutant black brush algae

> From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
> While gazing at detached bits of BBA as they drifted across
> the front of my 30 gallon, I noticed a piece that stood out
> dramatically from the rest. It was coloured a bright red,
> instead of the usual gray-green or blackish green. The colour
> was pretty close to that of rotala macrandra under high
> light. Maybe it was lacking a pigment or two. Has anyone
> seen something similar?

yes, i do see that periodically.  i have some anubias barteri var nana
that i periodically switch over to my low light 10 g, and sometimes the
once-black stuff will turn sort of a maroon.  i've actually had shades of
that stuff - from dark red to sort of fiery orange-red.  i'm assuming
that's the native color of the stuff - kind of like how autumn leaves,
when they lose their chlorophyll, turn all brilliant.