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Re: pleco and java fern

>Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 23:09:47 EST
>From: Zxcvbob at aol_com
>Subject: pleco is ruining my sword plant?

>My sword plant has a few large brown spots on some of the leave.  Lately,
>noticed some of the leaves are freshly worn almost through, with marks just
>like where the pleco chews on the chunk of wood in the tank.  Is he gonna
>the plant?  There's plenty of green fuzz algae in the tank.  Thanks.

If it's the common pleco, it doesn't belong in a planted tank.  It will eat
the plants.  Get a dwarf pleco (Peckoltia vittata) or some Otocinclus.

>I bought what looked like a big hunk of java fern from the LFS, and when I
>it home, it was a bunch of individual leaves (each with a bit of root) and a
>rubberband holding it together.  I separated them and planted them all about
>the tank and they are just sitting there not growing, but not dieing either.
>It's been about two weeks.  I was wondering, how deep should they be planted?
>I probably set them pretty deep cuz I didn't want the goldfish to eat the
>roots.  Thanks.

Java Fern should not be planted in the gravel, but tied to rocks or
driftwood.  After a few weeks they will become attached to the rock or
wood.  They will grow very slowly at first.  Just leave them in a corner
and forget about them for a while.


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