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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #602

George writes/responds:

<snip>> >1)  I got curious about why it was so lightweight.  I went looking
for the
>  >ballast, and what I found was a little white thing about 2 inches square
>  and a
>  >half inch thick in the circuit where the ballast should be.  Is this one
>  >those electronic deals I keep hearing about?
>  This is the El Cheapo version of an electronic ballast. It's a coil and
>  capacitor combo. 
>  >2) The box said it was compatible with all 48 inch T-12 bulbs, including
>  >34, and 40 watt.  Will it run enhanced output 40 watt bulbs like the
>  If you're lucky, it will run Tritons. However, the lumen output is reduced
>  compared to a tar ballast and the color temp is changed slightly (I have no
>  data about real electronic ballasts). My web page has detailed measurements
>  regarding this. Also, based on my experience, it reduces the life of Triton
>  bulbs. 

So the best move here would be to mount a new ballast?  There is a place
downtown that deals a lot with flourescent ballasts.  Would you go with an
electronic, or is the difference in price not justified?

Or should I just hang this thing in the shop and leep looking?