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Re: CO2 added to filter

Jennifer writes:

> I have heard a few description of aquariums and it sounds like it isn't
>  necessary to have a CO2 reactor in the aquarium itself for CO2
>  fertilization.  Some people have it somehow tied into the filtration
>  system.  I have an Eheim's cannister filter (specifically the Eheim
>  professional filter, type 2228) and I would love to combine technology
>  (please, no discussions on if this would be hi or low tech) and save
>  money.

The reactor is generally mounted outside the tank.  Behind it is good, as it
keeps it out of view.  The CO2 is fed through an airline to the tank.  I am
not familiar with the Eheim canister, but with most canister filters, if you
put the end of the CO2 hose so that it is right at the intake of the filter,
the filter will suck the bubbles in, and the gas will have time to become

Bob Dixon.