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RE: The Optimum Aquarium book search continues...

Everyone reports this book is hard to find.  Horst & Kipper have no plans to
update the book (I emailed and asked).  Also, the 2500gal Aquarium that the
book chronicles is no more.  They pulled it down a few years back. However,I
may be able to get the book at a LFS, Eddie's Aquarium.  He orded two of
them about 5+ years ago and apparently I am the only one who bought in.  Not
a lot of Aquatic Gardeners in NY State's Capital District.  I'll check and
see if the other is still on the shelf, collecting dust, and buy it for you
if you like.  My copy costs $28 years back. If it's gone, I'd consider
sending you my personal copy if you play nice and promise to just read it
and send it back. However, you'll definitely want your own copy for all of
the tables.  Let me know.

Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com

Daphne wrote:
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> Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:28:05 -0400
> From: Scott Freeman <sef at bellsouth_net>
> Subject: The Optimum Aquarium book search continues...
> This is in reference to the Optimum Aquarium Book search.  (I was the
> one who had been looking for it for 1 1/2 years).  Jenn recently posted
> an address for Natural Aquarium and Terrarium
> (http://www.nataq.com/books.htm).  They had it listed on their website.
> I really appreciate you passing it along but unfortunately they informed
> me that not only was the Nature Aq. World price wrong (it was listed as
> $24.95, it is $35.95 for Vol. 1 and $39.95 for Vol. 2 & 3) but that The
> Optimum Aq. had been out of print for 2 years.  These were the only two
> items I asked about, anyone ordering might want to verify
> prices/availablity.  They haven't updated their website in awhile I
> guess.  Thanks for trying though.
> I have raised/bred fish for 17 years have wanted to change, one at a
> time of course, my tanks over to Dupla tanks but I wanted to read this
> book first. (And yes I have seen George Booth's website, that is what
> made me finally decide to just go the Dupla path)  I have waited a year
> and a half, I'll just wait till I find the book or it is reprinted I
> guess.
> Daphne in Hotlanta (where it finally isn't)
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