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Re: Professional Aquatic Plant Soil (& other stuff)


>Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 16:37:48 -0700 (PDT)
>From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
>Reply-To: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
>To: Aquatic Plants Digest <Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com>
>Cc: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: Re: Professional Aquatic Plant Soil (& other stuff)
>	Been away from the internet for so long, and I see it's deja vu
>all over again: George and Steve are having the same argument, halogen
>lights are being proposed, definitions of low and high tech are flying
>around, arcillite has once again reared its ugly head... and dad nab it, I
>move form Seattle back to Canada, and _then_ Karen decides to give a talk
>in the Emerald City!  (BTW I agree that the Kathy and Erik have a great
>looking fishroom, though my vision may have been impaired by the beer...
>you weren't drinking, were you Karen ;-).
>	Anyway, I'd like to mention that I am now experimenting w/
>arcillite (the 'lateritic clay' in Professional Aquatic Plant Soil).  It's
>in a pot wi/ an Echinodorus barthii. I also have the same species in a pot
>with equal portions (by volume) of Sera's Floradepot, Seachem's Flourite,
>and Profile's arcillite.  So far the growth of the barthii in the latter
>pot is fantastic, and in the other it is very, very good)  I will keep the
>list posted.  If I am reasonably convinced that the combination of the
>three products will continue to provide a good substrate, I'll use them in
>the 75 planted tank I'll be setting up ... soon, I hope.
>	I'd like to mention that halogens grow plants, especially
>Echinodorus, just fine. A good friend of mine has used them for his
>110gal, and his swords, including his barthii, grow better than anyone's
>I've seen.  Given the amount of red in their spectrum, I'm not surprised
>that they grow his swords well, since many swords IMHO prefer light in the
>red.  I am surprised that his barthii does so well, and is such a deep
>red, given that my experience is that red plants generally get redder
>under blue light.  I know other factors, particularly intensity, play a
>role in the reddening through stimulating anthocyanin production, but
>	Of course, the main disadvantages w/ halogens are heat and cost
>and so on, but that's only arelated, but separate issue.
>	Last, I've noticed that some find that tank inhabitants look kinda
>ugly under halogens.  Some fish do, I imagine, but his Cardinals and Rummy
>Nose look very good, and his Diamond Tetras shimmer in a way that just
>doesn't happen when he uses fluorescents.  (Yes, his plants grow great
>under fluorescents, too ;-).
>	A final note about arcillite:  when I first mentioned the product
>on this list way back when, someone, I think it was Beverley E., posted a
>fair bit of info on it.  For those looking to get some technical data on
>it, search the archives under arcillite, and look for her post.  
> ~
http://www.metronet.com/~cyn  in slightly cooler north central Texas

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