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> From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)

> If you are talking about sealing the two liter bottle to the line
> out, try the following suggestion offered several years ago.
> Go to a chemical supply shop and buy a #3 rubber stopper which will
> fit snuggly into the top of a two liter pop container. Freeze the
> stopper, then drill a hole in it to accommodate a short section of
> rigid plastic tubing.

A chem shop will have stoppers with holes in them. Bring your 
rigid tubing to check for fit. I just drilled a hole in the pop
bottle top, put the flexible tubing through, and sealed inside and
out with globs of silicone. Works OK. To screw the cap on and off
I rotate the bottle, to avoid stressing the seal. A rubber stopper
would be nicer.

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com