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The Optimum Aquarium book search continues...

This is in reference to the Optimum Aquarium Book search.  (I was the
one who had been looking for it for 1 1/2 years).  Jenn recently posted
an address for Natural Aquarium and Terrarium
(http://www.nataq.com/books.htm).  They had it listed on their website.
I really appreciate you passing it along but unfortunately they informed
me that not only was the Nature Aq. World price wrong (it was listed as
$24.95, it is $35.95 for Vol. 1 and $39.95 for Vol. 2 & 3) but that The
Optimum Aq. had been out of print for 2 years.  These were the only two
items I asked about, anyone ordering might want to verify
prices/availablity.  They haven't updated their website in awhile I
guess.  Thanks for trying though.

I have raised/bred fish for 17 years have wanted to change, one at a
time of course, my tanks over to Dupla tanks but I wanted to read this
book first. (And yes I have seen George Booth's website, that is what
made me finally decide to just go the Dupla path)  I have waited a year
and a half, I'll just wait till I find the book or it is reprinted I

Daphne in Hotlanta (where it finally isn't)