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Nuphar species

		I finally have possitively IDed these nuphar as 
Nuphar luteum ssp. sagittifolium. These plants produce and maintain submerged
leaves and seasonally floating leaves.The floaters seem to coincide with the
cooler months when light levels drop and did not exist in this patch
throughout the summer months. They also produce a node or bulb, which is
buried deeper in the substrate and from which it produces the plant and  then
from there runners. The reason I have held off for so long sending them out
was I didn't think it fair to send you plants not correctly identified. If you
are still interested, I will send them to you next week. Simply reply with
"send nuphar" as subject line and a mailing address in the body. As a trade I
would be interested in java, riccia or any small forground plants able to grow
well in a south Florida climate tank.
Thanks for your patience,
						             Daryl Roche