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Re: Co2 set-up

J Miller asked....

>Should I just take the thing out of the line and toss it in the trash (cost
>$1.50 Can.)?

Where did you buy it?

>Another question - I used hot glue to seal the sys., but it still seems that
>there is a leak.  Is there a better sealant that I could use?

If you are talking about sealing the two liter bottle to the line
out, try the following suggestion offered several years ago.
Go to a chemical supply shop and buy a #3 rubber stopper which will
fit snuggly into the top of a two liter pop container. Freeze the
stopper, then drill a hole in it to accommodate a short section of
rigid plastic tubing. You want the hole to be narrower than the
external diameter of the tubing for a tight fit. Then connect your
CO2 line out. It's very simple and air tight.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca