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Jobe's and plastic bags

At 03:48 AM 10/22/98 -0400, tsuh yang chen wrote:
>i have a question about jobe sticks.  what are they for (aquatic plants
>specifically???) and where can one buy them (pet supply company or

Gardening or hardware store.  They are called Jobe's Plant Food Spikes for
lush ferns and palms.

If you absolutely can't find them send me an SASE with an extra loose stamp
and I will send you 4.

Dave Gomberg, 7 Gateview Court, San Francisco CA 94116-1941

I took another plunge.  In addition to the CO2 project (follow the CO2
mention in my home page below) I just bought $200 worth of plastic bags.
These are bags for planties.  Here is the info:

 Size             Price per 100 (postpaid in USA)

  6x18x1.5         8    good for small plants, up to small leaf java fern
  9x26x1.5       15    good for larger crypts, anubias, small watersprite
 10x32x1.5      20    good for large water sprite, regular swords, sag
 10x42x2.0      25    good for large swords, crinum, big sags, val

 Mixed (30 of each size except 15 10x42)   $18 (also postpaid)

You can send a check to the address just above if you want some.   


Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com