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Co2 set-up

I posted a message a few days ago, but got no response as everyone was
arguing over the mud.

Anyway, my question is in regards to my co2 set-up.  In the line from the
stock bottle to the tank is something called a bubble counter.  Right now it
is just a weird S-shaped piece of plastic that does nothing but provide a
place for a possible air leak.  The instructions for setting this sys. up
was not clear on what this do-dad is for.

Should  fill this thing with water so I can actually count bubble, or will
the water make it harder for the co2 to get through?

Should I just take the thing out of the line and toss it in the trash (cost
$1.50 Can.)?

Another question - I used hot glue to seal the sys., but it still seems that
there is a leak.  Is there a better sealant that I could use?


   JJ  JJ