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Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS)

Reza wrote:

>>Hi, Ken, have you tried this: increase the amount of CO2
injected into the tank, and afterward the snails will all
climb up to the side of the tank where they can be
manually collected. <<

Reza: Funny that you should suggest raising the CO2 levels
in the tank.  Two days ago, I noticed that a lot of the MTSs
were moving up the sides of the tank and some were even
floating on the surface.  My pH was down a little, which
indicated to me that my CO2 levels were up. However, none
of my fish showed signs of stress, so I wasn't sure what was
going on. I don't too much care for tampering with my CO2
levels, but if they rise again and the MTSs do their little
ballet again, I will grab a few of them. Thanks for the

Awhile back, I seem to remember that some list members
were suggesting that some type of bait could be used to
attract them into a jar or some other kind of trap.  Does
anyone know how that was done?


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com