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re: slow moving river

Hi Olga,

Actually I have been giving this a lot of thought. We have our house for
sale and are going to build a new one. I am going to build a large tank to
go in the house, at one point we were looking at using it as a room divider
and the tank would open on three sides. (probably 8' long, 200-250 gallons)

In trying to figure out how to filter it I decided to use Wet/dry with water
supply coming in on the wall side where the plumbing could be hidden with an
overflow/standpipe on the exposed end of the tank. Using plants to hide the
stand pipe. The more we talked about this (on another list) the idea came up
of making it look like a river since I would have water flow from one end to
the other like a river. I wanted it to be moderately planted so there would
be a lower filter requirement and a lower flow of water would be needed. So
the idea of the river tank with native plants and native fish grew.

We even tossed the idea around of decorating the supply end with lots of big
river rocks like a flowing stream and then working into a heavy planted pool
on the return end. The thinking being that the where the pump returns the
water would have the strongest blast of water. Then we could mix the native
fish with current loving darters and things like sunfish would most likely
use the return end of the tank.

If you have some ideas I would love to hear them! Some time next summer I
hope to start building this tank.

Jeff <*\\><