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Re: Sunny thoughts

George Booth wrote:
<snip>have the tank on a track so that
it could be moved ouside in the morning and inside at night where we could
enjoy the better growth achievable with natural daylight. This is a simple
engineering excercise.  <

A big bronx cheer from the LeadBottom Procrastinators Society of America!
Besides not wanting to build a railroad track going through my living room
wall (imagine the crossing accidents! :-)), down here in Florida, direct
sunlight would turn an aquarium into a boiling cauldron within minutes.
I've collected some local plants from water which was in the nineties, but I
suspect many of the more delicate species would turn to mush. And, of
course, you'd have to have some pretty efficient skeeter-eaters in the tank,
or you'd be treating your dinner guests to a swatting party.

>Or, better yet, build a greenhouse (wethouse?) for the aquarium!<
I've got it! How about we just walk to the nearest pond, canal, river or
lake and say very loudly "THIS IS MY AQUARIUM".  A heck of alot easier, if
you ask me :-).  You can put some of those bubbling decorations in it if it
helps give you a feeling of ownership!