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re: slow moving river

>Thanks Roger. Anyone else have any thoughts like these? Has anyone >tried an aquarium with a water supply that runs *through* it, to >simulate a river?

>in Vancouverv

Yes, but very slowly,  about 20 gal. per day in a 55 gal tank.  RO water
drips in 25 hours a day.  Occasional water changes with tap water for
stability.  It is a Discus breading tank in which the pair have not been
up to much lately so I put in several potted plants (thanks Neil): E.
osiris, Cobomba caroliniana and Rotala Macrandra, each with a laterite
mix substrate and 80w of light.  They're doing much better than
expected, in fact I'm very pleasantly surprised. Although there is no
co2 system, there is about 5 mg/l due to high co2 from well water.  
I've also been throwing in a daily teaspoon of Instant Amazon I had
received by mail order by mistake and had laying around and never before
used.  So far (the plants have only been in a few weeks) so good.  As
good in fact as the tank they came from, which may have a lot to do with
it.  The only problem has been an slight increase in algae, the soft
green kind on the glass. I'm hoping the addition of several more plants
will take care of it. 

Ed Hengel