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Funky algae

I emailed once before and got no responses, so I'll try again.  I have
this weird algae bloom in my tank.  I've never seen the breed, and I
could not find any reference to it in the archives or on the internet.
 It is dark olive-green in color, and looks like long, narrow bubbles
or tubes formed around the leaves of my plants, especially those with
very small or needle-like ones.  It almost looks like jellyfish
tissue.  I can remove nearly all of it from the tank, and a few days
later it looks like I did nothing.  It breaks up easily and has almost
a stick consistencey.  Possibly a cyanobacteria?  As for water
quality, I do weekly water changes, which has led to phosphate
problems in the past (high phosphates in the tap water), so this could
be an issue.  My nitrate readings have always been virtually zero, so
I know this isn't the problem.

All help greatly appreciated,

Justin Collins


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