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algae identification/help

My apologies for interrupting the mud-wrestling match with something as
mundane as "can you help me identify this algae?", but I've been unable
to find a matching description and it is slowly gaining ground in my
beautiful aquarium.  It is black (or dark brown or dark green) in color,
clings pretty securely to plants, tank surface, and gravel bed, and
branches out from the base like little trees (without the leaves,
otherwise it might be welcome :-).  It doesn't get much longer than
about .25 to .5 inches.  It is not long hair like stuff (I've had a bit
of that), it is not a tangled mass (I've had a bit of that), it is not
dense and furry or beard-like (I've had a bit of that).  None of the
fish seem to be interested in it (Mollies, Platies, SAE's, Otto's,
Farlowella, Ancistrus).  It is a newly setup tank (about 4-5 weeks),
growth of the plants is strong (seems to me, I'm new at this;  I've had
to trim them back a couple times already).  Tank is 60 gallon, 160W (4
chroma-50's), regulated C02, 6-8 GH, 6.5 - 6.8 pH.  Substrate is red
art-clay (supposed to be laterite) enriched gravel, PMDD daily doses
started about 3 days ago, standard formulation with 1/2 recommended
KNO3, nitrate/iron levels negligible, not yet stabilized.  The little
trees have been sprouting for about 3 weeks now, and seem to be gaining
ground. Prior to the PMDD I was using Sera Forena every few days at
their recommended dosages (they actually recommend weekly, I was
adjusting it for the more frequent doses).

I would appreciate any info, similar experiences, pointers to resources,
soothing reassurances that all is well.