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I'm starting it now!

After having a drip-drip leak in my tank I had to tear it all down....

Which gives me the opportunity to start it all up - the right way.

It's a 110g tank, with 2x58W lights. The gravel is 2-4 mm in size, rounded.

Tap water averages to 7 pH, 0 dH or close.

I have the unique opportunity of starting it right now, and could need tips on;

-Extra lighting, is halogen-lights usable?
-Raising dH to appropriate levels, which chemicals to mix..
-Buffering kH, so that pH doesnt fall to much when adding CO2 with a yeast system.
-Substrate fertilizing, which products are usable, or what can I mix.

The goal of the tank is dH 10 pH stabile around 6.8->7.3

I'm doing ALOT of reading right now, FAQ's etc.. but I could need some help still.

Thanx in advance