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aquatic mud

I think its time to give this thread a new title.

It's probably also a good time for a short breather.

You're right Olga, there is a difference between using mud which you
found in a pond or river and mud which you make. They start out with the
same materials and after a few months submerged, mud that you make
becomes quite similar to mud that you collect from an aquatic source in
terms of the micro organisms in it and its biochemical makeup.

I think botanists prefer to only use aquatic soils for growth
experiments. I don't think it has anything to do with the suitability of
a "made" aquatic soil but more that they are striving to recreate
natural conditions as much as possible.

To avoid any confusion about what we mean by collected mud, I suggest we
call it aquatic mud.

I was very glad to notice your smiley and the continuation of the light
hearted puns. Its quite late so best if I sleep on this before trying to
continue on your thread. I apologize for being sarcastic yesterday.