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baking that cake

>Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 21:03:59 -0700
>From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
>Subject: If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake
>One of the oldest and wisest bits of wisdom on this list is:
>If you know of a recipe for how to do planted tanks not in the short list
>below (and I am sure there are a dozen), please mail me off list.

>Randall School recipe
>Booth Dupla recipe
>Quackenbush low tech approach
>Karl Schoeler     page reference?
>Steve Pushak    page reference?
>Conlin and Sears (is there a whole recipe or just nutrients?)
>Olga Betts   page reference?

Thanks for including me Dave. However, I don't have a page on the Web. I'll
get around to creating it one of these days. I use Terralit in my substrate
and have been happy with it. Other than that I'd say I follow the Karen
Randall method. At the moment I am experimenting with Flora-Boost as a
fertilizer. If I set up a new tank I would definately put some Duplarit
laterite in the substrate. It would be very interesting to compare it to
the Terralit. Steve P. was right in one comment he made...I guess I'm too
lazy to try getting together a perfect soil substrate. I just can't see the
point in that effort and possible problems when it is not necessary. Now,
*if* I ever get my greenhouse set-up...well then I could have a spare tank
or two to experiment with and the experimentation itself could be fun. But
not in my "house" tanks that I have to deal with and look at everyday.

BTW my "muddy thoughts" were mainly on how well a tiny enclosed ecosystem
handles the realness of muds. I do not dispute that wild plants grow very
well in it and one would *think*, therefore, they should in an aquarium.
But can an aquarium even begin to approximate a river/lake bottom??

still thinking in Vancouver were it's sunny and cool.