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Supplementing PMDD with Jobe's 16-2-6

After trying to supply all my tank's needs with PMDD, I've given up because it
was just too "reactive".  I was having to dose KNO3 separately and never could
get a stable dosage level.  The plants kept surging and stalling.  In a 60
gallon, I've broken up 4 Jobe's sticks and pushed them under selected plants.
I'm now dosing the PMDD mainly for the trace elements.  A post in the APD
archives suggested that 3 or 4 sticks every two months would be appropriate
for a 60 gallon.  Any thoughts on this?  I suppose that keeping nitrates in
the 5 ppm range is still appropriate for algae control, but I'm hoping the
plants will be less sensitive to this parameter with the substrate fertilizer
now.  Anybody else supplement PMDD this way?