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PAR conversions

	Steve Pushak recently asked me if I would take some measurements of metal
halide lamps with my PAR and foot-candle meters.  Suspecting this had already
been done by someone in the coral hobby, I contacted Dana Riddle who shares my
interest in the subject and who has written much about lighting and presented
papers at the Western Marine Conference and MACNA.  Dana has also been bitten
by the plant bug, and expects to have an article on lighting for planted
aquaria published in one of the major magazines in the coming year.
	Dana asks only that when this information is reproduced or forwarded that his
business, Riddle Aquatic Laboratories, be credited as the source, and that
their email address (102622.524 at compuserve_com) be listed.
	Some additional data of my own (conversions for a number of fluorescent
lamps) will appear in an upcoming Aquatic Gardener.  Together these two sets
of data should cover most of the lamps in use for planted aquaria.
	Here is Dana's data:  Multiply Lux readings by the following conversion
factors to obtain PAR values.
> Sunlight - 0.02000
> Metal Halide Lamps
> 	AB 150w 6,800 K- 0.02000
> 	Coralife 175w 10,000K - 0.02128
> 	Coralife 175w 20,000K - 0.02128
> 	Coralife 250w 10,000K - 0.01887
> 	Coralife 400w 10,000K - 0.02041
> 	Hamilton 175w "True 10K" - 0.01852
> 	Iwasaki 400w "Daylight" - 0.01754 (using CWA ballast)
> 	Osram 150w 5,600K PowerStar - 0.01818
> 	Radium 400w "Blue" - 0.02083
> Fluorescent Lamps
> 	Hamilton Compact Fluorescents (4x55w, 2 Daylight / 2 Actinic Combo) -
> 		0.02000
> 	Sylvania PowerCompacts (4x96w, 2 daylight/ 2 actinic combination) - 0.01852
> 	URI VHO Fluorescent Lamps (4x110w, 2 daylight / 2 actinic combination) -
> 		0.02083

	Many thanks to Dana!
	Pete Mohan