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Profile Aquatic Plant "soil"

Hello all-- 

Was wondering if anyone out there is still using this stuff. I dug 
through the APD archives and found only a handful of people that 
reported using it, and at the time, they had just begun experimenting 
with the product, so long-term results hadn't been available. I did some 
research on arcillite, the calcined clay that the product is composed 
of, and found, among other things, that it has a proported decent to 
high CEC due to the heating process, and that it is inert and contains 
very little to no iron. I was thinking of using it along with a portion 
of Dupla laterite in the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the substrate, to enhance 
the CEC thereof.

I've since talked to a few people who are using it, and while one of 
them states that it has not affected water pH or general hardness, a few 
others have reported otherwise. 

Any comments before I break down and go out to buy a bag so that I may 
test the stuff?

Thanks in advance, 

Erik Leung
San Francisco

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